A Side By Side Comparison: The 604 vs the 572!

All of the bragging, garage talk and racer lingo in the world will never live up to the actual specs that you read for yourself. A quick analysis of the performance specs will back up the claims, the hype, the too good to be true stories that you have heard about the 604 engine. Before you read the specs, you might want to take a seat first, or you will literally be knocked off your feet.



Dahmer 604 Street Monster Specs:

Part Number: 604-700
Engine Type: Chevy big-block V8
Displacement (cu in): 604
Bore x stroke (in): 4.560 x 4.625
Block: Dart Big “M” Sportsman Block – 10.200 Deck Height
Crankshaft: Callies 4.625 Stroke Forged Steel Crankshaft
Connecting rods: Manley “H” Beam Rods w/ ARP Rod Bolts
Pistons: JE/SRP Custom Forged Pistons w/ Pins
Camshaft type: Bullet Custom Hydraulic Roller Camshaft w/ Speed Pro Lifters
Camshaft lift (in): .643 intake/.643 exhaust
Camshaft duration (@ .050 in): 248° intake/256° exhaust
Cylinder heads: Brodix BBax cnc chamber
Valve size (in): 2.30 intake/1.88 exhaust; Manley stainless steel
Compression ratio: 10.07:1
Rocker arms: Comp Pro Magnum Roller
Rock arm ratio: 1.7:1
Distributor : MSD Pro Billet
Carburetor: Quick Fuel 1050
Water Pump: N/A
Spark plugs & wires: Autolite AR 3933 / Moroso Mag Tune 8mm WIres
Flexplate: N/A
Recommended fuel: 91 octane
Maximum recommended rpm: 6500
Balanced: Internal 2328.9 GR

Chevrolet 572 Engine Specs:

Part Number: 12498793
Engine Type: Chevy big-block V8
Displacement (cu in): 572
Bore x stroke (in): 4.560 x 4.375
Block (P/N 25534368): Cast iron with 4-bolt main caps
Crankshaft (P/N 88961554): Forged steel
Connecting rods (P/N 88962926): Forged steel, shot peened
Pistons (P/N 88962925): Forged aluminum
Camshaft type (P/N 88961557): Hydraulic roller
Camshaft lift (in): .632 intake/.632 exhaust
Camshaft duration (@ .050 in): 254° intake/264° exhaust
Cylinder heads (P/N 12499255): Aluminum rectangular port, 118cc chambers
Valve size (in): 2.25 intake/1.88 exhaust; stainless steel
Compression ratio: 9.6:1
Rocker arms (P/N 12361323): Aluminum roller style
Rock arm ratio: 1.7:1
Distributor (P/N 88961867): HEI
Carburetor (P/N 19170095): 850 cfm
Water Pump (P/N 14058915): Aluminum; short-style
Spark plugs & wires: Included
Flexplate (P/N 12561217): 14″
Recommended fuel: 92 octane
Maximum recommended rpm: 6000
Balanced: Internal


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Our 604 Street Monster Engines are built with industry leading parts

  • Dart Big M Block
  • Callies Crankshaft
  • Manley H Beam Rods
  • JE/SRP Pistons
  • Brodix BB3X Oval, CNC Chamber Heads
  • Manley Stainless Steel Valves
  • Manley Valve Springs & Retainers
  • Comp Pro Magnum Roller Rockers
  • Comp Billet Double Roller Timing Set
  • Crane Hydraulic Roller Lifters
  • Bullet Hydraulic Roller Cam
  • MSD Pro Billet Distributor
  • Quick Fuel 1050 CFM Carburetor
  • Fel Pro Gaskets & Seals

Customizable Options for the 604 Engine:

Brodix 351 BB3XO Full CNC Cylinder Head w/Comp Cams, Stainles Roller Rocker Arms, Manley Severe Duty Valves
+40hp – Add $1,900

Bullet / Dahmer Custom Solid Street Roller Camshaft w/Crower Severe Duty High Pressure Pin Oiling Lifters & Manley Nex-Tek Double Valve Springs, Titanium retainers
+40 – Add $750

Polish Heads, Intake Manifold w/Stainless Fasteners
Add $900


Don’t settle for the same 572 parts that everyone buys. Customize your Beast! Try doing that with a standard 572 engine!