Looking for a 572 Engine for Sale? How about a BIGGER, BADDER, BETTER alternative at a nearly the SAME Price?

You know you’re getting ready to play with the big boys when you have a 604 Street Monster engine under your hood. You can get rid of your measly small-block engine and start getting the horsepower that you wish you always had. Whether you are building your first hot rod or are just a weekend warrior, you might think it doesn’t get any better than a 572 performace engine? Well, actually, YES IT DOES! We offer a 604 performance engine at an excellent price that will not eat up your life savings. You want value and performance 604 motor gives you both. Even if you are not sold yet on the engine you will buy, you have to admit that having 700 horsepower gives you more than just street cred. What you get is big-block performance and will inherit a massive ego after purchasing a 604 engine.


Why settle for 572 cubic inches when you can have an enormous 604? It's all a numbers game!


Why settle for a measly 620 hp and 650 torque when you can have a ground pounding 700 hp and 745 torque? All this on pump gas!


Why settle for no-name 572 parts? This “Street Monster” uses the very best parts from the biggest names in the racing industry. Huge names like Dart, AFR, Callies, Manley, ARP, Bullet, ATI, Competition Cams, MSD and Holley.

Even Better

Why pay more for less? LESS cubic inches, LESS power and LESS parts. MSRP on a 572 engine for sale is $18,690. Put this Monster under your hood today for only $13,500!

Warning: The 604 Crate Engine Will Irritate Your Neighbors

You know that has never stopped you before. What else would your neighbors expect when you fire up this heavy-duty V8? Your neighbors might hate the sound of a 604 crate engine, but it will not matter anymore when you barrel out of your driveway and hit the open road. Regardless of how much you dream, you can never know the feeling of engine ecstasy until you are in control of the Street Monster 604 engine. Any doubts that you have about going with a 604 compared with a 572 engine are quickly erased when you make your purchase. You do not have to fall in love with a dream. You have the opportunity to fall in love with the real thing. Don’t worry about your neighbors. They will forgive you eventually.